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Wild Geranium our HEALTHY secret

Calming & Cleansing – HEALTHY is our 100% natural Essential Oils Blend, containing Lemon Peel, Bulgarian Wild Geranium & Lavender Essential Oils.

The essential oils in this blend with Sweet Almond Oil, are all strongly connected with well-being and will energise and stimulate your senses to improve overall health of the body and mind. This special blend regulates and balances the natural biorhythm of the body. 

The unique and star ingredient used in our Healthy blend is the Bulgarian Wild Geranium. We have already explained why Bulgarian Lavender is the best Lavender in the world, you can read more about that here. But, did you also know that the Wild Geranium from Bulgaria is the most potent of all the Geranium varieties? The name of this plant in Bulgarian literally translates to "Health" as it is so well known for its incredible healing capabilities. There are many varieties of Geranium, however the Geranium Maculatum Oil produced in Bulgaria is the most powerful and offers the most health benefits. Usually the Wild Geranium is found growing in wild, woodland areas as the plant thrives in lots of sunshine, with just enough shade not to dry out. The essential oil is delicately obtained through steam distillation of the leaves, stalks and flowers and its aroma can be described as sweet and rose like. 

All of our Essential Oil Roll-Ons are blended with Sweet Almond Oil. This light, easily absorbed oil is the perfect carrier oil to use with all essential oils, making them safe and effective to use directly on the skin. 

You can apply this blend anywhere on your body throughout the day to feel calm, cleansed and energised. The unique aroma makes this blend a very gentle, subtle perfume, however, even when you can no longer smell the oils, your subconscious mind can still detect them and they will continue to work their magic!