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Fresh & Pure • Organic 

Pure plant extracts. No oxidation. No artificial preservatives.

Each product from LMB is fresh and pure. The Pure range consists of one single fresh, super powered 100% pure and natural ingredient in mini packaging for freshness.  

Simply aimed to boost the natural inner self-repair capability of the skin. By using live plant enzymes, LMB’s fresh & pure organic products range naturally restore and maintain healthy, youthful skin. LMB’s airtight mini packaging keeps the plant enzymes live, prevents oxidation and bacterial contamination. The super fast absorption is due to its compatibility with the biodynamic rhythm of the body. Free from artificial preservatives and thickening agents. 

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Miracle Hydration Trio 

Lasting skin hydration is a delicate process. The ultimate aim is to reboot the skin's own ability to self-hydrate.

Rose Water or Primer Hydrating Tonic - First step is to increase the moisture content in the skin. A splash of water is enough to provide immediate moisture, even better, using our 100% pure Rosewater or Primer to provide additional nutrients, better absorption, and protection.

Pure Unrefined Rosehip Oil - Second step is to top-up and nourish the skin’s own biochemical balance within, with minerals and vitamins of shortage. A drop of our fresh 100% pure natural Rosehip oil, contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins needed to nourish and balance the skin to its optimum health. In addition, it is the highest carrier of natural vitamin C, and Tretinoin, famed for its ability to rapidly stimulate growth of new skin cells.

Super Hydrate 8 Hour Serum - Lastly, the key in long-lasting hydration is in "deep absorption and slow release throughout the day". Finish with our highly concentrated Super Hydrate 8 Hour Serum, a combination of all the above and more.

For "deep absorption and slow release throughout the day” it's important to apply the above with a gentle massage and immediately one after the other while still wet. This process assists in absorption and locks all the elements together. The oil particles act as a magnet to the water, preventing fast evaporation and ensuring slow release of nourishment and moisture throughout the day.