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Natural Hair Programme

With pure plant extracts. No artificial preservatives.

Simple, natural and effective programmes to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth and help maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

Le Mont Botanique has created a complete anti hair loss programme designed to combat hair loss and stimulate strong, healthy hair growth. 

Each product has been carefully formulated using only the purest, highest quality plant extracts and fortified with key vitamins vital for the prevention of hair loss and encouraging and maintaining healthy hair growth. 

All the natural plant extracts selected by LMB are compatible with the body, they are more quickly and naturally absorbed by the skin, hair follicle and root than chemical alternatives resulting in safer, faster and longer lasting results.

Suitable for both men and women, positive results can be seen in only four to six weeks. Proven by the Institut d’Expertise Clinique to improve hair density and thickness in a three month clinical trial.  

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NATURAL - revitalising spray daily tonic
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NATURAL - leave-in daily serum