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Fresh & Natural Active Skincare Programme

Pure plant extracts. No oxidation. No artificial preservatives.

LMB’s fresh, natural and effective programme is simply aimed to boost the inner self-repair capability of the skin. LMB’s fresh serums naturally restore and maintain healthy, youthful skin. LMB’s airtight individual packaging keeps the plant enzymes live, prevents oxidation and bacterial contamination. The super fast absorption is due to its compatibility with the biodynamic rhythm of the body. 

Our products DO NOT contain any: 

  • Chemical preservatives to ensure active plant enzymes
  • Thickeners - which clog pores and slow down absorption. All our skincare products are in a natural serum form.
  • Allergenic fragrances. We rely on our natural plant extracts’ healing aromas.
  • Parabens, parafins, phthalates, or any other synthetic or chemical substances. 

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blemish + instant bite relief serum
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contour serum
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revitalising serum