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What can we find frequencies?


Any type of energy is also a frequency of waves and can be measured in hertz, volts, amps, or watts, depending on its specifics.  

For example, the sunlight is an energy structure measured in frequency and is composed of;

Red - 430 terahertz

Orange  - 500 terahertz

Yellow  - 516  terahertz

Green  - 545 terahertz

Blue  - 600 terahertz

Violet  - 750 terahertz

1THz = 10 to the power of 12 Hz

Therefore, the Sunlight as a whole energy structure is an average of its components, depending on obstructions.

The energy structure of the sunlight is woven into everything. Everything around us, and us included, is made of different energy structures. Our organs, including our brain, and even our thoughts, are a composition of energy which use the power of the sun.