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Unique Concept

Unique to any other natural personal care products

LMB’s serums are fresh, focusing on utilizing the untapped energy benefits available only in fresh plants (stored in their live enzymes), using it to boost the self repair of specific areas of the skin and hair, as well as aids the essential elements (vitamins and minerals carried by specific plants) to be easily absorbed by the body. We achieve this through our specially selected plant formulations, ensuring their plant enzymes are live and are freshly delivered to the skin in every application, simply through preventing oxidation.  

Oxidation occurs when the oxygen in the air comes in contact with plant matter causing rapid degradation, and fermentation, rendering the plant enzymes ineffective. In the food industry, fresh produce is kept edible by consuming quickly after harvest, by keeping it refrigerated up to consumption, or adding preservatives to kill the enzymes and stop fermentation, or by preventing contact with oxygen using vacuum packing. To be effective, this same principle is valid for all natural skin care products. This would mean that if not refrigerated, each application of natural product has to be individually air tightly packaged to retain its effectiveness. Therefore, any natural skin and body care packaged in a jar for example quickly oxidises upon opening and becomes ineffective. In addition, to avoid fermentation once opened, most natural skincare manufactures purposely deactivate the enzymes with chemical preservatives to prolong shelf life, but in doing so, making the products totally ineffective. 

To solve this problem, LMB has developed a packaging system of small airless tubes, retaining the freshness and effectiveness of the fresh ingredients in each application, and preventing fermentation without the aid of chemical preservatives. As the beauty industry turns its attention to natural products, LMB offers leadership in this sector with its unique naturally energised formulations, with no preservatives, freshly delivered each time directly to the skin, with remarkable results.