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STOP and smell the roses

Do you know that the smells we connect to throughout the day affect the way we think and act?

Our senses are the key to our heart and our health.

Continuously we detect consciously or subconsciously various smells, triggering the memory centre in our brain, influencing our mood and thoughts, followed by our actions.

There are primary sustainable smells built in us, which automatically connect us to our subconscious behaviour. 

Mint - makes us feel fresh and energised, connecting us to fresh water.

Citrus - lifts up our mood, connecting us to summer, sun, fresh fruit and vitamins. 

Lavender - has a relaxing and calming effect, cleansing the stress away by regulating the blood pressure, through expanding blood vessels. 

Frankincense - has been used for centuries in spirutual rituals, for calm, trust, stability and security. We feel confident and inspired to create and learn, open to new ideas. 

For good health, happy mood, and actions of success and wealth, we should make the conscious effort to expose ourselves to the smells of benefit to us!

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