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100% organic & fresh
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7 x 3 x 5 ml
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Fresh every time, with live plant enzymes

Use in conjuction with LMB's Pure Bulgarian Rosewater
 for optimal results. 

LMB's Fresh Unrefined Rosehip Oil is unique, containing live plant enzymes, essential for the activation and release of all natural key elements needed for stimulation of self-repair and cell regeneration of the skin. This natural superfood is the highest carrier of natural vitamin C and Tretinoin, also packaged in small bottles to retain freshness by preventing oxidation and remain super active for up to 7 days of opening. One drop does wonders!

• fades scars and blemishes

• repairs fine lines

• retains skin moisture

• balances and brightens skin tone

• hydrates hair, improves hair texture and shine

Active Ingredients 

100% Organic Cold-pressed Rosehip Oil

• No added colours • No artificial fragrances • No artificial preservatives • Vegan • No animal testing


To assist with fast absorption, increase blood circulation by massaging a small amount to the desired area. To kick-start the self-repair of cells, persist in daily use for at least a month. Use continuously as a base to all your skin and body care, or just on its own, followed by LMB pure Bulgarian Rosewater.


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