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Postcards from Summer

End of summer blues happens to everyone, especially at the thought of cold weather to come! Although autumn brings many exciting things to look forward to, now is the perfect time to reminisce about the long, hot summer days that will soon be behind us.

Travelling, any time of the year, fulfills the adventurer within us. Whether it's exploring a hidden cave on a remote Greek island or trying new and exotic dishes in a local restaurant in Bangkok, the act of going somewhere new and experiencing new things reminds us about how big and enriched our world is, full of new cultures for us to explore and dishes to taste! It also teaches us many lessons, as it is never always easy when going to an unfamiliar place. The discomfort that travelling sometimes brings, long commutes, foreign languages, cultural differences, all teach us that in life you sometimes just need to go with the flow! A perfectly planned itinerary will almost never go to plan, yet that is the charm of being on an adventure.

Now is the time to reflect on our adventures, because sometimes you don’t even need to leave your own city to experience new things. Even going to a new coffee shop instead of the typical Starbucks latte on the way to work can surprise you will a fun new experience!

No need to fear, even as the days become shorter and leaves turn brown, feeding the adventurer in your soul can happen any time of year!


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