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When anything organic is exposed to the air around us, it immediately starts oxidising, breaking down and losing its natural properties. Unfortunately, all plant products sold in normal packaging, such jars, tubes, and sprays, begin to break down and become ineffective as soon as their seals are broken and they are exposed to the air around them. Even products that claim to use the healing properties of natural organic ingredients rapidly lose their strongest qualities and are soon not as effective.

Often, to avoid fermentation once opened, most natural skincare manufacturers purposely deactivate the enzymes with chemical preservatives to prolong long shelf life, but in doing this make the product much less effective.

Fresh plant extracts and their enzymes contain potent vitamins and minerals that are incredibly enriching for the body and skin. Unfortunately the oxidation process of normal cosmetic products means that we often miss out on these amazing benefits, and sometimes natural ingredients can even become harmful over time. An example of this is rosehip oil - often sold in large, multi-application bottles, the oil actually oxidises very quickly due to the high levels of polysaturated oils it contains. When rosehip oil oxidises, it produces molecules that can damage cells, breaking down skin collagen and creating wrinkles and age spots. This is why we only sell pure rosehip oil in small bottles, which should be used within five days of being opened and exposed to the air to ensure the best results.

Another way LMB has solved this problem is by developing a packaging system of single dose ampoules which retain the freshness and effectiveness of natural ingredients in each application. These ampoules are airtight, preventing oxidation and contamination. This is why LMB’s skincare line very unique and different to anything else currently available - when applied, the product is as fresh as it possibly can be, and our formulations utilise qualities that are often lost or inaccessible in other normal products, all done without any chemical preservatives or thickening agents!