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Our Story

As a Bulgarian native growing up abroad, the founder of Le Mont Botanique (LMB), Lucia Videnova always relied on her ancestor’s healing practices to address all her health and skincare needs with plant-based remedies, even when living abroad. Bulgaria is well known for its rich botanical knowledge and unique mountain resources, and its people have a long history of traditional natural remedies. 

Eight years ago, Lucia came across a highly effective traditional plant-based anti-hair loss remedy in Bulgaria, using fresh, locally sourced concentrated plant extracts to successfully boost the self-repair stage of the hair follicles. The natural hair-loss remedy was stored in glass air-sealed ampoules, keeping plant enzymes alive and fresh, and this was how she first began to realise and appreciate that the effectiveness of any natural plant formulations is directly related to how fresh they were and that once exposed to oxygen, the number of live plant enzymes in them decreases rapidly.  Although this was something Lucia had never seen before, she was blown away by the remedy working wonders, and when she shared the magic of her native fresh formulations with friends, they could also not get enough. From there, she decided to work closely with a laboratory in Bulgaria, and a unique and comprehensive natural anti-hair loss programme was born. 

After clinical testing and certification by IEC in France for positive results, the Le Mont Botanique brand was launched with its unique concept of utilising fresh plant energy to boost self-repair, with no artificial preservatives in small airtight packaging. Soon after, simple and effective fresh natural skincare serums were also developed based on the same principles, aimed to boost various skin needs. 

Now LMB packages the fresh ingredients in glass or plastic, recyclable, airtight small packaging to maintain freshness without the use of artificial preservatives.