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The Importance of Freshness


Why is keeping natural products Fresh so important? 

Natural plant energy is stored in the live enzymes of plant ingredients, which is the most compatible form of energy to the biodynamic rhythm of the body, therefore it can be easily absorbed and is most beneficial to the skin. As the enzymes are live, they work best when fresh. 

All LMB’s formulations are fresh, with no artificial preservatives, packed with live plant enzymes, essential for the activation, release and fast absorption of the vital plants’ natural benefits (vitamins and minerals).

Why small packaging is the key? 

Exposure to air, chemical preservatives and other forms of contamination can deactivate the live plant enzymes, which is why bulk multi-purpose packaging is not ideal for such fresh ingredients.

LMB’s special airtight packaging prevents oxidation and contamination, ensuring freshest ingredients packed with live plant enzymes in every application, without the use of artificial preservatives

Why choose LMB’s Fresh Serums?

Just one drop of LMB’s Pure concentrated plant serums is enough to re-energize and boost the skin to self-repair, restore and maintain healthy, young skin. 

LMB’s unique, naturally energised plant formulations contain powerful active plant enzymes, free from artificial preservatives and thickening agents.