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How a smell can make you WEALTHY

All aromas you inhale trigger memories and connect you to various energies, often without you even realising.

If you can imagine how sometimes a certain smell reminds you of a place or person, like smelling a perfume your partner wears, or smelling some food that your grandmother used to cook for you, this is what is happening on a much deeper level when you inhale essential oils. You may not realise that the smell is reminding you of something, or connecting you to something, but deep in the subconscious mind it is.

Each aroma connects to something special and in its own way will help you to achieve the thoughts you need to be thinking. It will trigger memories or connect you to a way of thinking that will put your mind at ease and set you on the right path.

There's nothing mystical about the process, we don't suggest that by smelling the Wealthy blend every day that money will fall from the sky into your lap! But what it will do is connect your subconscious mind to the thoughts and vibes that will inspire you, give you confidence and help to take away any worries you may have. These subconscious thoughts will then filter through to your conscious thoughts and will trigger actions. And, it is with this calm, inspired and courageous approach to life, we believe anything is possible! smiley

Our Wealthy essential oil blend contains the ultimate essential oils which are associated with money and success. Bergamot, Frankincense and Mandarin.

Did you know, adding a few drops of this beautiful scent to your purse and notes inside it can help to attract more good fortune into your life. This oil blend is known to stimulate inner confidence and courage and reduce stress, helping you to achieve great things, which results in prosperity!

Try our range of essential oils to test it out for yourself!