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HAPPY days

The carefully selected essential oils used in this blend with Sweet Almond Oil, are of Mediterranean origin and all strongly connected with feelings of happiness. You are probably already imagining the beautiful Mediterranean streets lined with orange and grapefruit trees, swaying in a warm gentle summer breeze and overlooking crystal clear blue water. 

When you inhale and apply these essential oils, the sensory system in the body triggers the brain to release serotonin, (the happiness hormone) and dopamine, (the feel-good hormone). Peppermint essential oil makes breathing easier and brings clarity to thought, while the citrus Grapefruit and Orange oils uplift and energise by reducing stress and anxiety and help to increase focus, while supporting a healthy immune system.

All of our Essential Oil Roll-Ons are blended with Sweet Almond Oil. This light, easily absorbed oil is the perfect carrier oil to use with all essential oils, making them safe and effective to use directly on the skin. 

To feel instantly happier and uplifted, you can apply this roll-on anywhere on your body throughout the day, not only is the sweet, gentle aroma a delightful perfume, it is also your secret to a bright, happy and successful day!