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strengthening shampoo for thinning hair
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200 ml
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LMB's Natural Strengthening Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is fortified with Brewer’s Yeast, Arnica, Nettle and Caffeine extracts, to quickly reduce hair fall and promote fast, healthy growth and lustre. Gentle cleaning action for strong, fast growing, healthy hair.

Active Ingredients 


Brewer's Yeast - natural fast absorbing source of B group vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and microelements, for promoting fast growth. Also contains Biotin which strengthens the protein structures of the hair. 

Nettle - immediately clears the blockage caused by sebum built-up due to hormonal changes. 

Arnica - relaxes the "walls" of the hair follicles to ensure space for plentiful blood supply and nourishment. 

Caffeine - stimulates blood circulation and supply to the follicle. 


Suitable for both men and women, positive results can be seen immediately. Programme proven by the Institut d’Expertise Clinique, Paris.  

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