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Do you need a digital detox?

We all know that stress is bad for your health. It’s a generally accepted fact that the busy lives we lead today are not good for our wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Having too many commitments, working in high-pressure environments, and spending long days at the office, as well as frequent flying, we all feel the need to get away and rejuvenate. Interestingly, we can often be pretty vague about why this is all so bad for us, but a closer look reveals fascinating insights into why our bodies suffer from this lifestyle.

Today it is becoming more and more apparent that the technological environments we work in are not only a cause of mental stress, but also the root of a much more physical problem – static electricity.  It is now scientifically proven that pollution and exposure to environments with electrical devices and airplanes, etc, overload your hair and skin with static electricity. Electrical devices all around us like computers, air conditioners, and other common office appliances, create an imbalance of charged particles (ions) in the air, increasing the number of positively charged ions. These airborne positive ions are easily absorbed by us, giving your body a static charge of its own. Having excess static electricity on you is something that we have all experienced before – have you ever rubbed a balloon on your woolly jumper, and noticed how it made your hair stand up on end? Well that is essentially a stronger version of what an office environment is constantly doing to you, and just like with the balloon, the effects can be very noticeable.

Broadly speaking, static electricity causes the body to shrink and tighten. Your blood vessels on the surface of your skin (capillaries) constrict, inhibiting good circulation, the skin becomes tighter and drier, and your hair follicles shrink, leading to premature loss.

Having tight and dry skin is bad enough, but it doesn’t stop there. A build up of static in the skin leads to a tingling sensation, which is a primary cause of the phantom ‘nervous rash’. This often affects people in office environments, who experience itches on their skin that manifest due to a high stress atmosphere and overexposure to static charge.

So how do we stop this static build up from happening? How do we balance out an unequal charge and bring things back to their natural neutral state to prevent these problems? Well, many people are beginning to see the negative impacts of static charge on the body, which can be seen in the rise of ‘digital detox’ retreats, where exposure to technology is cut out completely for a wide range of health reasons.

You can start your own digital detox by cutting down your daily exposure to technology and alongside that, use our Digital Detox body wash and hair mask containing a vital ingredient that neutralizes static charge in your hair. This is Fuller’s Earth clay (otherwise known as Calcium Bentonite clay), which contains high quantities of negatively charged ions. This means that when washing with it, the negative ions in the clay actively absorb and neutralize the damaging positive charge in your skin and hair, leaving you with a defense against building up a positive charge over the following days. That means no more dry and itchy skin, no more premature hair loss, or split ends and frizzy dry hair, and a healthier, more balanced body.