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- Have fun and increase your inner vibrations and health. 

- IN OUR MIND, by sustainable positive light thoughts.
- IN OUR HEART, by sustainable warm loving feelings.


- Eat clean sustainable food.
- Drink lots of lovely fresh water.
- Look at beautiful things.
- Listen to beautiful sounds.
- Breathe beautiful fresh air.
- Smell sustainable good smells.
- Touch lovely things.


- Exercise.
- Meditate.
- Walk in the morning.
- Be grateful for everything positive in our lives, small and big.
- Be kind to everyone.
- Be in love with everyone and everything that is sustainable.
- Explore.
- Learn something useful every day.
- Paint.
- Get inspired.
- Dance.
- Have a bath.
- Walk in the garden and smell the flowers.

- Notice only positive behaviour, ignore the rest. If a negative behaviour is bothering you, try to be sympathetic why, forgive, forget and move on immediately.
- If negative thoughts creep in, realise that they are not yours, immediately dismiss them and move on. What is going to happen has happened, no use to worry, as we can’t help in any case. The only thing we can do is to wish well to retain good state of mind.
- No judgement, see only the good and ignore the rest.

- Share the happiness of other people.
- Enjoy something every moment.