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absorbing static, calming and softening
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250 ml
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with activated Fuller's Earth Clay.

The science behind it - The world around us consists of a mixture of negative and positive charges, called ions. In particular, air pollution, technology,  air-conditioning, and frequent flying accumulate excess levels of positive charge, or static electricity. This transfers to our own bodies and hinders the function of our cells, shrinking capillaries and restricting blood flow. LMB’s Anti-static 100% Natural Body Wash contains activated white Fuller’s Earth clay, naturally consisting of negatively charged ions. These ions are highly beneficial for eliminating impurities and cleansing toxins due to their ability to absorb an excess positive charge, leaving skin healthy, balanced, and happy.


LMB's Anti-static 100% Natural Body Wash contains moisture-activated white Fuller's Earth clay and pure lavender oil, natural minerals and extracts which stabilise and absorb the skin's excess static. This relaxes fine capillaries, relieves dryness, and soothes irritation, helping to calm and soften the skin. Our white clay is rich in zinc, magnesium, and other natural microelements, vitally nourishing new cell growth. Suitable for calming and soothing the effects of skin conditions such as eczema. 

Active Ingredients 

White Fuller's Earth Clay

Lavender Oil


Shake well before each use. Wet body with warm water and gently massage the body wash all over your skin. Rinse off and dry with a soft towel. Use every day for lasting results. 



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