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In Awe of Spring

Every year, at this time, we find ourselves in awe of the incredible powers of nature.

Watching the tiniest buds on trees suddenly turning into leaves almost overnight is spectacular to say the least! This intricate and intelligent work of nature is a reminder to us that our skills and knowledge on how this Universe operates barely touch the surface! When you walk through a forest, or a rose field which is about to bloom, can you even begin to imagine what is going on underneath your feet? When you stop to think about it and realise how perfect and in synchrony everything must be for this natural system to flourish, it’s truly quite astounding.

It’s with this in mind that we must appreciate the wonders of nature, look closely at the details, and fall in love with the beauty that we are surrounded with every single day. We shouldn’t take anything for granted. Pay attention to every bud, every blossom, every magnificent colour, every piece of nature’s art.

It has all been created for us to love and enjoy!