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What are sustainable frequencies?


To support the running of any equipment we must feed it with the appropriate energy that has been specifically designed for it. If we feed it with too much, too little or the wrong fuel it will create an imbalance and it will not function properly.

Just like any mechanical equipment, our bodies are made from a composition of balanced energy structures, and we must feed or medicate ourselves with the specific energy we are designed to receive. Every organ in our body is designed to perform a precise task and therefore has a specific energy structure which requires feeding. When our system is depleted or overloaded with energy needed for that task, it malfunctions. The art is to know what each of our organs need, and exactly how much they need to be kept in balance. Therefore, we should be aware of the food and medications that are bio-compatible with each part of our body. Achieving balance is the key to running anything sustainably, and the more something is in full balance (synchronised), the longer its life.