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Our Mission & Concept

Inspired by the untapped powerful energy stored in fresh plants, and it’s astonishing similarity to the rhythm of the human body, our mission is to use this plant energy to create simple, yet highly effective natural skin and hair care solutions.

Unique to any other natural skin & hair care, LMB focuses on harnessing the unique natural energy stored in fresh plants to boost the self repair and restore the skin and hair back to its prime health.   

LMB’s fresh formulations are fuelled with a powerful combination of pure energy from specially selected plants, aimed to synchronise with the natural biodynamic rhythm of the body, addressing the specific areas in need of our skin and hair with exceptional results.

The highest amount of plant energy is harnessed from fresh plants, while the enzymes are alive. Due to this, it is of the greatest importance for our energy packed formulations to be kept fresh at all times, in individual airtight packaging to prevent oxidation, bacteria contamination and the destruction of the live enzymes. 

Free from artificial preservatives and thickening agents.

Our aim is to to bring awareness and appreciation that natural produce must be fresh in order to be beneficial. Consuming fresh produce does not stop at food. Skincare is also absorbed by the body like food. The fresher it is, the more beneficial. We strive to build and grow an ethical brand and business which is innovative and relevant. To become a trusted leader in the fresh natural skin, body and hair care sector.