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Our special mountain Elderflower tea has a powerful antiviral and immune boosting effect, which makes it successful in fighting the many symptoms of cold and flu such as coughs, fevers, sinus infections and respiratory disturbances.

Elderflower is also known for its high antioxidant content and Vitamin C which is great for boosting the immune system. The Sambuccus nigra agglutinin found in Elderflower keeps cell walls barred against viruses.

Elder is a vitally important herb for the immune system and should be used as a daily supplement. Daily intake of Elderflower tea is safe and necessary to block viruses.

Elderflower has been used for centuries in drinks to boost health and well-being. Its pleasant aroma and taste make it an enjoyable daily experience.

Our hand-picked wild Elderflower from the pristine mountains of Bulgaria is particularly potent in flavour and in its beneficial properties.

Active Ingredients 

100% pure Elderflower


Add desired amount of Elderflower and brew with hot water for at least 3 minutes. 

This is a natural product, to keep fresh, keep in dry and cool conditions. Preferably 5C to 28C.