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rosewater + white clay mask

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Our pure Organic Rosewater, freshly harvested in the world-famous Bulgarian Rose Valley, is produced by special steam-distillation technique from the petals of Rosa Damascena, capturing the unique benefits of this special rose. Its remarkable skincare, haircare and mood uplifting properties have been treasured since ancient times as the symbol of love, beauty and health.

• Miracle natural stress relief - energy balance of body and mind

• Stimulates positive endorphins - instant mood uplifting 

• Re-balances skin PH level - instant moisture infuser 

• Rejuvenates and uplifts tired skin 

• Regenerating and anti-ageing 

• Cleansing and pore tightening 

• Detoxifies and stimulates blood circulation

LMB's Pure Fuller's Earth White Clay Mask is famed for its ability to absorb the overload of impurities caused by undesirable micro-elements such as pollution and stress, as well as technology, air-conditioning and frequent flying. These toxins stick to our bodies and hinder the function of our cells, shrinking capillaries and restricting blood flow. LMB’s Pure Fuller's Earth White Clay, when activated with water, naturally absorbs these toxins, leaving skin healthy, balanced and happy. Our white clay is also rich in zinc, magnesium and other natural minerals, vital for nourishing new cell growth. 

Highly effective for: 

rebalancing skin moisture

reinstating skin softness and plumpness

calming dry itchy skin  

calming eczema and acne

balancing and brightening skin tone 

Active Ingredients 

Pure Rosewater

Pure Fuller's Earth White Clay


To activate, mix a spoonful or two of Fuller's Earth White Clay Mask with the equivalent amount of water (preferably LMB's Pure Rosewater) to create a thin paste (use wooden utensils). Apply to the desired area for a minimum of 2 minutes. Wash with warm water, dry with a soft towel and for best results follow up with LMB's Pure Unrefined Rosehip Oil and LMB’s Fresh & Natural Active Skincare. Suitable for all skin types.

This is a 100% natural product and should not come into contact with metal. Use wood, glass or porcelain utensils to handle it. For external use only. Store in a dry place. If you are allergic to natural minerals, test it on a small area of your skin first before using the product on a regular basis.

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