Inspired by the power of plants, our mission at LMB is to create simple, natural, highly effective, and harmonious personal care products. 

Targeting the hair and skin care needs of our consumer facing the stressful lifestyle challenges of the 21st century.

Energy efficiency - is our goal, from harnessing the energy naturally stored in active plant enzymes, to energy efficient manufacturing and delivery of fresh, readily affordable effective natural products. 

At the heart of LMB’s philosophy and effectiveness of our products is acheiving simplicity, perfect balance and energy efficiency. 

The relationship between energy and time is of greatest importance. This simple, yet perfectly synchronised balance, best seen in nature, is our inspiration.

We aim to combine the natural powers of selected active plant extracts to create formulations synchronised with the rhythm of the body, resulting in exceptional results. 

  • Plant enzymes are natural catalysts which trigger the release of energy of our active ingredients. Artificial, chemical preservatives and stabilisers, used to prolong the shelf life of many products, kill these enzymes which result in the energies of the active ingredient not being released. The only way for the body to activate these important ingredients, is to use its own energy, which is not efficient and can put the body out of balance, which can causing a chain of negative side effects, such as allergies, and short term results.
  • It is much more effective to keep these natural plant enzymes active and at LMB we go to great lengths to do so. The combination of natural ingredients selected in our unique formulations act as natural stabilisers to keep the plant enzymes alive for longer. In addition our special airless, single use packaging ensures no oxidation for a longer effective life. 

LMB started with one successful natural anti hair loss formulation and now bring to our customers what nature does best - time proven, simple and affordable hair and skincare solutions. 

This first unique and fast acting formulation was based on an ancient plant remedy from Bulgaria, well known for its rich botanical knowledge and unique resources. With the latest know how, LMB is researching and developing these remedies to create effective, complete, simple and natural programmes to cater for all aspects of hair loss and skincare.

For a deeper understanding and production efficiency, LMB has linked up with specialised local biochemists, and has based our certified ISO and GMP manufacturing in Bulgaria to be closer to the source, making our production more efficient and ultimately more affordable. 

  • Why Bulgaria?
  • Bulgaria’s semi-mountainous terrain and climate extremes from +40°C to -40°C result in the unusual resilience and potency of it’s native plants. Bulgarian mountain grown plants carry special capabilities and are world renowned and sought-after, such as Nettle and Burdock. Rose grown in the ‘Rose valley’ high in the mountains is much valued by French perfumery houses for its potency.
  • Over the centuries the Bulgaria has utilised their plants unique capabilities and their compatibility with the body, creating many effective hair and skin remedies.