Le Mont Botanique has created a natural active skincare programme that rebalances the skin structure, restoring and retaining lasting health and vitality.

Each formulation has been carefully developed to incorporate the unique benefits of the purest, highest quality plant extracts. These active ingredients, vital for restoring and maintaining healthy radiant skin, are released by powerful, active plant enzymes.

As all natural active plant extracts selected by LMB possess the restorative powers of nature, they are more quickly and naturally absorbed by the skin than chemical alternatives resulting in safer, faster and longer lasting results.

Innovative packaging in single-dose, airless plastic ampoules are convenient to use and ensure that the product is always kept fresh and at optimum effectiveness without the need for chemical preservatives or stabilisers. 

We select our natural ingredients not only for their unique individual capabilities, but also for their relationship with each other.

We use only 100% natural essential oils and the highest quality pure plant extracts to fully capture the essence of their power. The majority of cosmetics contain chemical preservatives to ensure a long ‘shelf life’, and creams contain thickeners (which have no benefit to the skin) to make them easy to apply.

Our products DO NOT contain any:

  • Chemical preservatives to ensure active plant enzymes
  • Thickeners - which clog pores and slow down absorption. All our skincare products are in a natural serum form.
  • Allergenic fragrances. We rely on our natural plant extracts’ healing aromas.
  • Parabens, parafins, phthalates, animal products or any other synthetic or chemical substances.